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AppKino Story

Us founders worked on a few ideas that needed mobile apps & tried to launch them. But we found out that we would need tens of thousands of dollars to do that. We actually couldn’t launch our startups because we couldn’t afford it. So we thought what if there were a startup to help other startups to launch their products & rest is history..

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Marketplace; There are a lot of them but none like us only focusing on mobile apps. From showcasing products of each Creator to what products we approve, we are all about mobile.

Help with Launch

Who knows the best about a app? Of course, the creator who spent months to create  the app. So if they help you launch the product it will be smoother & will take less time than average freelancers as they know the ins and outs of the app. Some of our Creators also provide launch package. Feel free to utilize it if you want to launch your app lightning fast.

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You have the source code which means you truly own the app. You can get the app customized anyway you want and launch it.  Most of the time the product creators offer this service.

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